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Trailer Park Boys - Deeecent Hot Sauce XL Flask 12.7oz - Canada



We hate them as much as you do and we don't make a dime off of them. The best way around it is to buy with friends. If your order has 6 or more bottles, you will save 40% to 70% per bottle in shipping costs! That's pretty deeecent. It's the only way we know to beet the shipping game.

Hot Sauce | Out of stock
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Coney Island Saucery crafted the perfect hot sauce for discerning Trailer Park Boys fans.

Deeecent Hot Sauce is a Louisiana style, garlic forward hot sauce with a silky texture and the right amount of heat. Made with fresh all natural ingredients, and made by hot sauce fans for hot sauce fans.

Pairs well with:Greasy burgers, chicken fingers, pepperoni, scrambley eggs or any food you want to make dee-hee-heeecent!

"It’s actually really F*****G good"
 - Ricky

"It's scrumpdilly!"
 - Bubbles

"Bubbles your mom is hot, just say’n"
- Julian

Vegan - Gluten Free  - no sugar added - Keto friendly.

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