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Fallout Vault-Tec Industries Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce | In stock
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Attention all wastelanders! Looking for the perfect pairing for your next meal? Look no further than Coney Island Saucery's own Fallout-inspired hot sauce. This spicy delight flavored with Pineapple and habaneros with medium heat that goes great with all your favorite wasteland dishes, from irradiated iguana to grilled mole rat. A drizzle on your Deathclaw omelet will start your day with a bang, and a splash on your brahmin burgers will make your taste buds sing. So why settle for bland, when you can have bold and flavorful with Coney Island Saucery's Vault - Tec Hot Sauce. Grab a bottle today and make every meal a adventure!

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 - Estimated shipping begins mid June 2024

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